Web Development

– Simple
– Complex
– SAAS systems
– optimization for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

What technologies we use in our work:

• We do
PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Yii, Magento), HTML5, JS (AJAX, JQuery, ExtJS, HTMLX, AngularJS, VueJS, Ember, PhoneGap, NodeJS) MySQL, MongoDB •

We use in our work process Agile, Scrum, Kanban (in Jira, Trello, GitHub) GIT •

Communicate via e-mail, Skype, Slack, HipChat

Complete what others were not able to make

Sometimes it happens…
The team started a project but was not able to finish it.

Most of the development teams do not like such “legacy“ projects and their code. And suggest to rather re-create the code from the very beginning.

This leads to waste of time and money.

We, here in Wonderkid Studio, have a huge experience/expertise of how to finish such projects.

And we know from practice that finishing of the already made code in 95% of time is faster and better for business, then spending time on recreating everything from the start.

We do:
– code refactoring
– speed optimizing
– bug fixing
– adding new functionality and finishing what was not finished.
– technical support afterwards

Technical (programming) Support

– Fixing bugs. Most will be fixed in less then 24h
– Adding new functionality

Healthcare sites and services

– Heathcare/Medical sites creation
– Health test results management tools
– Video chats for hospitals and medical institutions
– HIPAA, PCI compliance

Manage laboratory operations and have full control over your biosamples.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly great customers over the years, here is just a small selection of their words of appreciation.

“Excellent. Very responsible team. They made exactly as I wanted and even more. Will use them in future.”

Ted Bruno

“Brilliant - really excellent have really enjoyed working with them i hope to work again with them soon. They really take care and pride in their work and strive to get it perfect. A good team, good work and good communications.”

Rupert Pearson www.blog12.com

“Very competent and eager programmers. Good knowledge of Javascript, DOM and browsers... Also they are fast and very clear in their communications.”

Alex Gray theIgroup.com.au