Web Development

– Simple
– Complex
– SAAS systems
– optimization for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

What technologies we use in our work:

• We do
PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Yii, Magento), HTML5, JS (AJAX, JQuery, ExtJS, HTMLX, AngularJS, VueJS, Ember, PhoneGap, NodeJS) MySQL, MongoDB •

We use in our work process Agile, Scrum, Kanban (in Jira, Trello, GitHub) GIT •

Communicate via e-mail, Skype, Slack, HipChat

Complete what others were not able to make

Sometimes it happens…
The team started a project but was not able to finish it.

Most of the development teams do not like such “legacy“ projects and their code. And suggest to rather re-create the code from the very beginning.

This leads to waste of time and money.

We, here in Wonderkid Studio, have a huge experience/expertise of how to finish such projects.

And we know from practice that finishing of the already made code in 95% of time is faster and better for business, then spending time on recreating everything from the start.

We do:
– code refactoring
– speed optimizing
– bug fixing
– adding new functionality and finishing what was not finished.
– technical support afterwards

Technical (programming) Support

– Fixing bugs. Most will be fixed in less then 24h
– Adding new functionality

Healthcare sites and services

– Heathcare/Medical sites creation
– Health test results management tools
– Video chats for hospitals and medical institutions
– HIPAA, PCI compliance

Manage laboratory operations and have full control over your biosamples.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly great customers over the years, here is just a small selection of their words of appreciation.

“Excellent and very pleased with the result, these guys really know what they are doing , we have dealt with others but these guys work with us, we will be using them again.”

Rob Thorne

“Very fast service, script works excellent. Thankyou. Reccomended. A++++”

Liza Anddel

“Amazing web designer! Great Work!”