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About Our Company

Current team that works in "WonderKiD Studio" now, was a part of "Interstudent Creative Laboratory" before, which specialized on Web-design and programming. Our team was founded in 1999. We have been awarded a certificate at yearly Ukrainian exhibition called "Modern studying of Ukraine 2003" for our web-based remote education system created for "East Ukrainian National University". Now "WonderKiD Studio" is a private firm that works with Internet-technologies and consists of professional developers and Web-designers. We will help you to embody in the Internet new ideas, new web-technologies, and your own new style at the reasonable prices. The main distinctive feature of "WonderKiD Studio" is our specialization in different "smart sites" powered with high efficient PHP, Java and CGI-based technologies to create an engine of the site. Also we use Java scripts to create a modern, fresh styled and really unusual site. See http://www.theigroup.com.au/index.html for example.

What we do

1. Market appeal

For the last twenty years IT-technologies have changed our world, and business have been changed too. Nowadays information is a key to success. Different firms independent of their size use Internet-technologies to maximize their business success. Internet is the most important information channel for millions of people. These people are your potential customers and partners. Nobody doubts today that setting up own professionally developed web-site is the most powerful instrument to advance your production and services on the market. The site is not only a profitable instrument it is also an effective publicity tool and can be directed to target community with very high advertisement efficiency.

2.Our mission and values

Our mission :

Fundamental mission of "WonderKiD Studio" is to promote our customers supply with excellent solutions in programming and Web-design. That are profitable and allow to growth your market part, minimize expenses, increase profit, and much more. "WonderKiD Studio" wants to improve workflow, giving you the best IT-technologies available, fully realizing your wishes, and helping your business to be more profitable.
Our values:

- Comprehension of our customers "WonderKiD Studio" takes into account all the wishes of our customers and develops a new business technology to satisfy the requirements and to represent potential of your company.

- Reliability and honesty "WonderKiD Studio" supposes that these are fundamental and inseparable states to deal successfully with our customers. We maintain constantly high standards in deals with all of our customers. All the information shared with us is strictly confidential and we newer discuss it without direct permission of our customer.

- Permanent self-improvement We are sure that permanent improvement of our skills, workflow processes, services and products provide with long term success to our customers and us both. We are always on the way of search for new ideas, new Web-technologies, new style. This allows us to show as bright, original and colorful as possible potentials of our customers in web-sphere.
Commercial manager  

Grigoriev V. V.  

  Chief Executive

   Grigoriev V.N.
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