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NBC Weekend Web Guys reviewed one of our sites: Photofiddle.com.

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Rupert Pearson : www.blog12.com
Brilliant - really excellent have really enjoyed working with them i hope to work again with them soon. They really take care and pride in their work and strive to get it perfect. A good team, good work and good communications
A website which has the "Powered by WonderKid Studio" logo is one of our products.

We take pride in our work and aspire to high quality work.

We take pride in our work. So that you can be proud of your website We aspire for the "Wonder Kid Studio" logo to be your sign of a prestige website!

* - site with our logo gets 3 months of technical support.

- We support these operating systems: *nix/Linux, Win32, MacOS

- We use languages and RAD systems like: PHP, Java, Java Script, C++, Delphi, Action Script, HTML, XML.

- We use these databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Interbase, Firebird, Yaffi.

- We apply these developing systems: MVC(Model Viewer Controller), EOP(Event Oriented Programming), OOP(Object Oriented Programming), linear and procedural.

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